Rule #1 Mom Has Fun

Every child is a born genius, to find and nurture his or her unique talent is one of the biggest challenges!


A good plumber needs the right tools in order to do a good job. The same could be said for parenting. There are a ton of very good tools and if you use them, it will with no doubt improve your parenting. However, the most important question is how we use these tools without crushing the spirit and natural curiosity of a child. That was my main focus when I raised my kids. I could see that they needed boundaries and rules in order to freely and safely explore their natural curiosity und survive in our cultural structure. Therefore, my main focus was how can you hold them accountable without crushing them?


The first thing I did was collect a toolbox filled with really cool tools and then I started to try them out. Guided by curiosity I noticed quickly, that there was a big difference on how I used these tools. Every time I got mad or emotionally engaged, no matter which tool I used it either backfired or did not work very well. Every parenting book I read reminded me not to get emotionally engaged when holding the kids accountable, well thank you… I figured that out all on my own, but no where could I find anything on how to actually do that.


So for the last 28 years, that became my focus, to figure out a way to raise children in a fun way that brings out their brilliance. 



“I met Nicole MacKenzie through a professional relationship. She introduced me to her excellent concepts concerning child rearing. I was so interested in the fantastic results she had (having met her six children) that I volunteered to interview her for a companion tapes series on Rule #1: Mom has Fun! I think Nicole has a tremendous future, and as her success spreads, her method will become the standard for raising children.”

Bernard Hale Zick

Business growth expert, speaker and author

“A masterpiece filling parents greatest need. Thank you Nicole MacKenzie for sharing your tremendous parenting wisdom in book form. As a parent of six, I enjoyed it tremendously and hope I can help you get it in the hands of every parent.”

 Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

 Motivational Speaker

“Nicole MacKenzie (and her six children) organize and facilitate the children’s portion of our Karl Parker Sharing Seminars. The curiosity, vitality and cooperation her kids exude while working with the parents and children who participate at our seminars speaks for itself and Nicole’s new learning method. Her book is insightful and practical. One of our doctors stated that he and his wife were able to institute parts of this new learning method in their family within fifteen minutes of reading her book.”

Dr. Karl Parker

 Founder – Parker Chiropractic Seminars

“The Mom Has Fun Parenting Method is such a basic method for building a cooperative team that I use it as a training manual in my office with my staff! The universal principles work for us all. Even if you’re not a parent, this system is a must for anyone that wants to be part of a well functioning team. The sign on my wall reads, Rule #1 Dr. Brian Has Fun! When I have fun everyone is happier and more productive. Naturally, I recommend this method to all my patients that have children.”

Dr. Brian Solofsky

“We had fun with the book. As parents, we thought the book was entertaining, easy to read, and full of modern wisdom. We intend to make sure that the parents of our grandchildren have their own copies… since we are not parting with ours! Thank you for sharing!”

Jackie Knowles & Dr. Donald Epstein

CEO  & Developer of Network Chiropractic

“I recommend the Mom Has Fun Parenting Method to all my patients who are parents. I personally know several teenagers who were raised using this method. Compared with other teenagers the difference is enormous. A higher emotional intelligence is clearly visible. And now that I’m pregnant with my first child, I’m both excited and relieved that I’ve found the method I want for raising my own child.”

Dr. Fiona Dann

Ware, Hertfordshire, England

“Wow! What a start to the Mom Has Fun Parenting home class! Great content, simple to use. The awareness of how quickly my wife and I fly into emotion with our 4 year old son is unbelievable! My awareness has shifted so much. I find myself much less frustrated with him and I’m catching myself playing his game of “emotional tag” as I like to call it. It’s getting much easier to be emotionally unattached to his stuff now. And I’m only on the FIRST lesson!”

Dr. Eric Mintz,
Gateway Wellness Center, Bloomfield, Michigan, USA

“The Mom Has Fun Parenting Method is a golden treasure for anyone who has responsibility for others, including parents, teachers, nursery workers, coaches, caretakers, managers, etc. This simple and fun method gives you easy-to-learn techniques for holding children (and really anyone) accountable to the desired behavior, while bringing out their natural genius. The secret to its success is that mom and dad, teacher, nursery worker, et al, have fun in the process! What a remarkable idea!”

Dr. Paul Seitz
Houston, Texas, USA

“With Nicole’s technology, I found that I could make more intelligent choices in raising my sons, along with allowing them to express their own, very outlandish, uniqueness, as they each discovered what their passion is. It is a very refreshing and loving technology that works for the entire family. Thank you, Nicole!”

Sally Dubel
Catering business owner and Mother, Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA

“Before I moved to New Zealand, I visited the home of a doctor there. I noticed how happy and cooperative their children were and how well everyone worked together as a team. I knew about the Mom Has Fun Parenting Method and asked if they were using it. They told me they had just started a few months prior! The results were so obvious, their kids were so pleasant to be around. I recommend it to all parents — start with this method right away!”

Dr. Inga Schmidt
Nelson, New Zealand 

“Since I have been using the Mom Has Fun Parenting Method, my relationship with my boys is so much more enjoyable. What a concept! I forgot to have fun being a mom! Using this new parenting method has earned my family many compliments from people who are amazed and impressed with our interactions and teamwork.”

Stephanie Ray
CEO of BioRay and Mother, New York, USA

“To raise children without any advanced education in parenting is today almost impossible. In 80-90% of families the parents’ training of the children is inadequate. That is the reason why I recommend the Mom Has Fun Parenting Method to all the parents in my practice. The method respects the children but also holds them accountable. The method instructs parents, simply but precisely, on how to discipline children without the use of punishment.”

Dr Victor von Toenges

Paracelsus Klinik Lustmühle, Switzerland

“The Mom Has Fun Parenting Method is the only system I recommend to all my patients who have children. They later come back and tell me how happy and satisfied they are with the rapid positive results they see in their children. The whole family is happier after using these techniques.”

Ivar Skjelbred
Doctor of Physical Therapy (USA), Osteopath DO, Schmerikon, Switzerland


“It’s time Mom has fun and here is how. May everyone embrace these brilliant concepts!” 

Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul